danell beede

about the artist

"Raw experience is empty, for it is not what one does, but what one realizes that keeps existence from being vain and trivial.” -Lewis Mumford

Growing up, I was always barefoot. I loved the physical connection that I shared with the ground, the oneness I found with nature. I was constantly exploring the woods behind our house and recreating images of the natural world in my drawings. For me, art and nature have always been intertwined in some way. When I graduated from high school, my parents gave me my first camera which allowed me to investigate art beyond the limitations of my drawing skills and propelled me toward a medium that better articulated my everyday observations.
I love to learn and I am easily inspired. I am drawn to subjects that make me ponder my awareness of existence and the legacy of all the sacred and beautiful things that I am privy to in my time here. I am intrigued by the fragility of earth, the animals, the cycles of life, and how, in the end, we all seem to be connected to it all and to each other.
Today I shoot with anything I can get my hands on. As much I sometimes miss the craft of shooting film, the immediacy of digital media appeals to my desire to experience everything I can, as fast as possible.
My work continues to develop over time. My interest in conservation and documentation of the natural world will probably always be at the root of all my images. I hope my work touches people in a way that inspires them to seek self-awareness and to better appreciate the life that is everywhere around us.